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Architectural and building consultants


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South East District


Red8tarch, a great architectural firm that works in a collaborative environment. All our projects have input from creative, technical and strategic angles by a diverse team of architects and interior designers. Our multidisciplinary team is highly experience and integrates architecture, planning, urban design and interior design on various projects. We work and travel internationally on projects to provide quality consultation and design services. We cover multiple sectors ranging from residential, dream homes, commercial, office and work-space, local government, new estates and town planning to deliver modern design solutions. We put thought and technical knowledge into designing functional, aesthetically pleasing and sustainable projects. Our teams of electricians, plumbers, structural engineers are highly qualified and experienced. We work with modern software (AutoCAD and REVIT with Navisworks, augmented by advanced 3D prootyping), display all projects on 3D visualisation to the client to ensure precision and meet project scope.
We value and cherish a good client/architect relationship as pillar of to achieve a successful project. Simply send an email of enquiries and we will walk you through the steps of working with us. We value your time and work according to your specifications once we paint a clear picture of your needs.
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